[Mono-dev] Mono for Symbian

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Thu May 24 13:59:55 EDT 2007


> it is (a variant of) Mono on Symbian. If proof was ever
> needed that it can work, this would be an exemplar.

They state it supports Symbian OS 8.0a. Unfortunately 9.x introduces  
signing requirements for many operations, e.g. accessing user data,  
network communication etc. Some can be bypassed with a self-signed  
certificate, others cannot. This might be okay for Red Five Labs but  
I doubt Novell would want to pay signature fees for Mono on a  
potentially growing number of platforms supported! And it would  
certainly be in the way of testing.

To allow embedding on the phone Mono would need to have identical or  
more Capabilities assigned than its host, as a standalone application  
the Capabilities required to execute the user code.

Nokia of course has the option to go through the signing process in- 
house for their Python runtime:
(haven't tried it so can't tell)

Mike, have you already figured this out for your runtime?


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