[Mono-dev] Announce: Mono.Fuse 0.4.0

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor at vt.edu
Mon May 14 06:50:01 EDT 2007

On Sun, 2007-05-13 at 18:53 +0200, pablosantosluac wrote:
> I've tried with 0.4.1 but I don't see the GetOperationContext method...

GetOperationContext() is a static protected method in

> BTW, I'm impressed about how easy is implementing a filesystem using 
> Mono/Fuse... Great! I think it is good for implementation purposes, but also 
> the best way to teach something interesting in, for instance, an operating 
> systems course... I hope to come with something interesting pretty soon ... 
> using Mono.Fuse!

If you have any additional feedback/suggestions for improvement, I would
appreciate it.

 - Jon

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