[Mono-dev] mod_mono, fast_cgi and configuration.

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed May 9 09:38:17 EDT 2007

Joshua Tauberer wrote:
> Something needs to be figured out about why we are forced into spawning 
> a dozen m-m-servers (one per Apache child process) at startup.

When apache's MPM == prefork, apache is spawning a `StartServers'
amount of children during its initialization. At this time,
mod_mono is also trying to spawn mod-mono-server, which leads
to a wild horde of m-m-server process. All m-m-s process but one (the
winner) will immediately die.

That's caused by the lack of a decent cross-process locking
feature in some APR versions. I had a patch for this issue (using
lock files), but it used to fail when apache's MPM != prefork.

A workaround is to keep StartServers below 5 (or below an amount
that doesn't take your server down for a couple of seconds).

> If the mono process dies, mod_mono should restart it.

That's problematic for the same reason: lack of a working & reliable
cross-process locking feature that works with all MPM modules.


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