[Mono-dev] [patch] Fix some bugs in the DataGridView control

Randolph Chung randolph at tausq.org
Tue May 8 17:26:10 EDT 2007

In a test application I ran across some problems with the current
DataGridView control. Attached is a patch that fixes one particular area
of problems.

The original issue I ran into is that trying to address a cell in a grid
by its column name fails, because the cell's owningcolumn attribute was
never set. In looking into this, I also ran into problems with how the
grid currently creates rows and cells from their templates (in the
latter case, it appears we previously do not use the cell templates at
all). I've updated the implementation so that the templates are used and
that the owningColumn attribute gets set properly. To complete this
change I also added some error checks and updated the return value of
SetValues() so that it matches the MS.NET implementation.

Four new unit tests were added to the testsuite.

Please review and commit if ok.


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