[Mono-dev] File accesses in ported applications

Dick Porter dick at ximian.com
Wed May 2 08:17:12 EDT 2007

Wed May 02 11:32:40 <@grendel> Dick: do you think it would be possible to write a file analyzer?
Wed May 02 11:32:43 <@grendel> file access analyzer
Wed May 02 11:33:18 <@Dick> how about an aspx-lint that checks for this sort of thing?
Wed May 02 11:33:37 <@grendel> Dick: the lint would have to be either a monitor app or inside Mono
Wed May 02 11:33:42 <@grendel> it's not aspx-specific, IMHO
Wed May 02 11:33:48 <@Dick> i was thinking separate app
Wed May 02 11:33:52 <@grendel> it can affect WF apps too
Wed May 02 11:33:59 <@Dick> anyway, what would your file access analyzer do?
Wed May 02 11:34:26 <@grendel> it would check for cases when an app is inconsistently accessing a file with the same case-insensitive name
Wed May 02 11:34:35 <@grendel> e.g. someFile.txt, somefIle.txt etc
Wed May 02 11:34:41 <@Dick> hmm
Wed May 02 11:34:46 <@Dick> that could be handy
Wed May 02 11:34:46 <@grendel> and would warn about the method, file, line where it happened
Wed May 02 11:34:52 <@grendel> and output a report
Wed May 02 11:34:59 <@grendel> it would be a great aid in porting
Wed May 02 11:35:08 <@Dick> yeah
Wed May 02 11:35:21 <@grendel> it could also look at the disk and check if there are files of the same flatten names in the same dir
Wed May 02 11:35:22 <@Dick> i wonder if it would fit inside gendarme?
Wed May 02 11:35:26 <@grendel> and make that a critical working
Wed May 02 11:35:27 <@Dick> or moma
Wed May 02 11:35:42 <@grendel> hm, moma would be a better choice I think
Wed May 02 11:36:02 <@grendel> Dick: although I'm inclined to think it would just as well be a good thing to put in the runtime
Wed May 02 11:36:08 <@grendel> and enable it along with IOMAP
Wed May 02 11:36:22 <@Dick> yeah, thats definitely possible
Wed May 02 11:36:30 <@grendel> it would take care of all the cases
Wed May 02 11:36:50 <@grendel> you could output the diags to console on *nix and to the event sink on windows
Wed May 02 11:36:54 <@Dick> the problem would be noticing the output if its was stuck there
Wed May 02 11:37:22 <@grendel> yeah, but you can't do much about it
Wed May 02 11:37:29 <@grendel> people must know the feature exists and where to find it
Wed May 02 11:37:35 <@grendel> we put it in the docs and that's it
Wed May 02 11:37:56 <@Dick> personally i'd put it in moma first and the runtime second
Wed May 02 11:37:57 <@grendel> you could even enable it conditionally
Wed May 02 11:38:08 <@grendel> Dick: that might be a good idea for testing, yeah
Wed May 02 11:38:19 <@Dick> it would have to be conditional, saving all the filenames would be time and memory consuming
Wed May 02 11:38:30 <@grendel> true
Wed May 02 11:38:55  * Dick wonders if miguel or jpobst|gone is going to notice this
Wed May 02 11:39:13 <@grendel> Dick: cut-n-paste and mail to them? :)
Wed May 02 11:39:26 <@Dick> hopefully they might notice their names light up :)
Wed May 02 11:39:41 <@Dick> sending it to xml or mono-devel would be good though
Wed May 02 11:39:50 <@grendel> miguel: read what's above this line :)
Wed May 02 11:39:56 <@grendel> jpobst|gone: read what's above this line :)
Wed May 02 11:40:21 <@grendel> Dick: that's true

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