[Mono-dev] Monoco update

Tomi Valkeinen tomba at bat.org
Wed May 2 07:37:20 EDT 2007


I updated Monoco (http://www.bat.org/~tomba/monoco.html) to work with svn 
head of Mono. Behaviour of GC had changed a bit and it broke the 
continuations (GC didn't follow an IntPtr in a managed object). I 
also updated the naive benchmarks on the web page.

While fixing the bug I started to think about how the continuations would 
work with the new precice GC. I've understood that in the first phase the 
new GC will scan stack conservatively. Is precise stack scanning something 
that may happen in the distant future, or something that will 
definitely come?

The same information that the GC uses to do a precise stack scan could 
possibly be used to serialize continuations. Also currently the whole area 
reserved for continuation's stack is scanned, even if it is known that 
only part of the area contains real data. This is also something that I 
hope I will get fixed with the new GC.


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