[Mono-dev] (no subject)

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Mar 29 11:28:49 EDT 2007


> Please review a performance optimization for HttpRequest.Headers and
> HttpRequest.ServerVariables collections.
> It implements lazy collection fill because most common flow is to ask
> for value by name. Only if user ask for enumerator or count, collection
> will be fully loaded.
> This gives about 25% performance improvement on common flow.

Ah, this is brilliant, I love it.

I seem to remember that client code used to load the WebROCollection, so
am curious if this is a standard test case, or this is for a more
limited case?

> This causes one test case to fail:
> MonoTests.System.Web.Test_HttpFakeRequest.Test_EmptyUnknownRow :
> NullReferenceException was expected,
> in my opinion this test is incorrect, and should be removed, because it
> tests undocumented behavior that may depend on implementation.

Am fine with that, lets just put an Ignore there and document the


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