[Mono-dev] BitArray patch

Alan McGovern alan.mcgovern at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 08:44:45 EDT 2007

I think the code should act the same as the original whether it's big endian
or little. The unsafe code just copies the bytes out one after another in a
row. So on a big endian system you'd get FF-00-00-00 as the first four bytes
but on a little endian you might get 00-00-00-FF.

With the old code, you'd get the same. (as far as i can make out).


On 3/27/07, David Brown <mono at davidb.org> wrote:
> Alan McGovern wrote:
> > I was just looking at the bitarray code and i thought that instead
> > of a lot of bitshifting and messing to retrieve individual bytes
> > from int's it would be faster (and easier?) to use unsafe code and
> > mess with individual bytes that way. This patch makes it about 20%
> > faster to create a bit array from an int[].
> What about byte ordering, though?  The code being replaced seems to
> always extract as if the data were little endian, but the unsafe code
> will depend on the endianness of the platform we're running on.
> Dave
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