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Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 07:44:22 EDT 2007

Hi Praveen,

Opening office documents, depend on COM libraries, which won't run on
Mono, unless you are in Windows, because they aren't portable (they
are native windows libraries, not managed ones that Mono can run).

You need to find some fully managed library to open such documents,
and I don't know of any, that could do a good job.

Good hunting,

On 3/19/07, vidyapraveen korlam <vidyapraveen_korlam at semanticspace.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>  This is praveen,
> I'm trying to open a  word document in my .net application which is
>  running in mono.
>  now i'm running mono in windows XP.
>  the code is like this
> newApp =  new word.Application();
>  if(newApp.Documents!=null && Source!=null)
>   {
>     newApp.Documents.Open(ref Source,ref Unknown,ref Unknown,ref
>  Unknown,ref Unknown,
>                           ref Unknown,ref Unknown,ref Unknown,ref
> Unknown,ref
>  Unknown,ref Unknown,
>                           ref Unknown);
>   }
> Exception:
>  Object reference not set to an instance of an object .
> Can any body help me please.......
>  Thanks,
>  Praveen.
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