[Mono-dev] Windows PowerShell

Bruce illuminus86 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 00:54:52 EDT 2007

I searched the Mono-Devel-List archives and found varying opinions and
meanderings on the subject of PowerShell (formerly codenamed "Monad").

I was curious as to whether or not anyone had previously or is
currently considering a "port" to Mono. "Port" being quoted because
really the most that is needed is an open-source implementation that
doesn't require Windows bindings.

I know that as a technology, PowerShell has yet to have been widely
embraced by the Windows administration community, but it has other
uses as well. It has a very robust architecture, and could be quite a
handy utility to have on *nix machines. Not to mention the potential
usages for projects like SharpOS.

This is just an inquiry, obviously. And I'm sure that even if the Mono
team (or a branch thereof) doesn't want to engage into such an
undertaking, that eventually someone in the open source community

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