[Mono-dev] Problem with running xsp on mac osx

Thadani, Rohit rohit.thadani at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 23:26:19 EDT 2007


I installed xsp on my macbook using darwinports. I am unable  
to serve any pages when i start xsp in the /lib/xsp/test directory.  
When i point a browser to the port 8080 it never receives anything. I  
have checked netstat and it shows the connection as Established to  
port 8080.

 From the behavior it looks like xsp is running in an infinte loop,  
cause even pressing Return does not quit the application. The verbose  
options also don't print any errors on the terminal. I have very  
little experience with mono, but I would like to debug and run  
asp.net apps  on my mac.

Please let me know, how i can help debugging this


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