[Mono-dev] File.Copy Modify/Access time file attribute

fuzzy bit fuzzybit at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 05:03:18 EST 2007

When I use File.Copy the destination file:

on Windows
- file modify/access time is the same of the source file

on Unix:
- file modify/access time is the creation time of action copy

A question: someone can help my to understand what say the ecma standard on
System.IO.File.Copy behavior?
I found only this description for System.IO.File.Copy:

   This method is equivalent to System.IO.File.Copy (sourceFileName,
   destFileName, false).
   The sourceFileName and destFileName arguments are permitted to specify
   relative or absolute path information. Relative path information is
interpreted as
   relative to the current working directory. [Note: To obtain the current
   directory, see System.IO.Directory.GetCurrentDirectory.]

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