[Mono-dev] Does JIT produce code with frame pointer

Muath A. Khalaf moath2 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 2 00:21:41 EST 2007


1- I want to ask if JIT produces code that has a frame pointer i.e. something 
similar to what you get when you omit the "-fomit-frame-pointer" option with gcc.

2- Is it correct that: a mono single threaded program has only two runtime 
stacks one for the application thread and the other for the GC thread. This 
means that when a managed method calls an internal mono method (icall) then 
on the app runtime stack I will have the managed method frame along with the 
icall frame on top of it (or below) of course with the wrapper in between.

This is important as I am trying to integrate OProfile with mono and want 
to understand the stacks that should be sampled by OProfile to test them.

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