[Mono-dev] monodocs2html help with source

Pedro Sobota pedro at sobota.net
Thu Mar 1 11:31:30 EST 2007

> They have different uses.  langword is used to tag language keywords,
> like "null", "true", "false", etc.  cref is to make a link to another
> section of the documentation.
I was aware; I considered using langword like a link text attribute
because I was in a hurry.
> The thing to do would be to improve the method for how the text for <see
> cref=>'s are generated automatically, rather than add a way for the user
> to provide his own text
I thought that a means to define the text already existed, and it was
what i.e. the Mono documentation was using. That not being the case, I
agree with you. I'm going to see if I can make monodocs2html generate
the link text like the Monodoc Browser does.


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