[Mono-dev] Error in UnixGroupInfo

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Jun 21 07:54:28 EDT 2007

Jonathan Pryor wrote:
> Approach (1) may make it more difficult to figure out which user is
> invalid, but (2) is effectively a breaking change as it will break
> existing code.  Even the variation on (2) isn't good, as none of the
> properties currently return null or otherwise invalid data, so `u.Group'
> could now return null (resulting in a later NullReferenceException)
> while before it couldn't.
> I'm open to other opinions, but for now it looks like (1) is the saner
> solution.

I'd go for (1).

Adding a new property `string[] InvalidUserNames' to UnixGroupInfo
would diminish your first concern about being difficult to determine
which user is invalid.


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