[Mono-dev] MonoBind (C++ binding library) and runtime debugger for embedded mono.

virgile.bello at free.fr virgile.bello at free.fr
Tue Jun 12 05:39:47 EDT 2007


I just wanted to let you know that I updated the monobind library, available at
It's a C++ wrapper library for C# scripting (luabind/boost::python alike).
Now it doesn't need mono to be patched anymore.
What's left is auto-generating .cs headers, and embed mcs compiler to compile C#
scripts on the fly with those .cs headers. Also, C# class wrapped on C++ side
needs facilities (a base class to start from probably, or helper func).
SWiG module for that could also be interesting.

I will probably start a sf.net webpage for the project, please contact me if
you're interested.

Also, if people are interested, I started some time ago a debugger (more a proof
of concept than a real project right now), that I could work on again. It allows
C# tracing and variables inspection of C# code executed by Mono VM from C/C++

Do not hesitate to give me feedbacks on all that !

Thanks again,
Virgile Bello

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