[Mono-dev] Regression Tests Webpage

Matt Jones mattj at google.com
Mon Jun 11 16:34:51 EDT 2007

Hi -

I'm working on improving .net support under wine this summer as an intern at
Google, and I stumbled upon the test suite webpage[1] on the website. I've
tried downloading the scripts used to compile all the data, but the
published versions don't seem to function for me (I get numerous perl errors
/ warnings). Are these scripts fully up to date, and, if so, is there any
automation (cron jobs, sh scripts) that would be good to look at?

My goal with the scripts is to publish (most likely on the wine website) a
comparison of mono running the tests on windows and mono running the tests
under wine on linux as a way to see areas wine might be lacking.

Matt Jones

[1] http://mono.ximian.com/tests/displayTestResults.php
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