[Mono-dev] Idea for gendarme

Vladimir Giszpenc vladimir.giszpenc at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 13:19:30 EDT 2007


Until recently, I have been able to stay away from threads.  I assumed
the event handlers in the GUI would be threaded enough and all was
good in the world.  Alas, my Gtk# application needs worker threads to
be responsive.

I use the anonymous delegates heavily though probably still not enough.

	Gtk.Application.Invoke (delegate { --code to update GUI here-- });

For the most part it works great!.

I would like to share something I learned.  Event handlers need to be
cleaned up.  It is always a good idea to cleanup after one's self, but
with a great Garbage Collector one can easily forget.

If you have some code that adds an event handler in a set property,
you need to find a way to remove the event if it was previously added.
 This probably seems obvious to all the senior C# gurus out there
(please don't give me lessons in style), but I was very impressed to
resolve this problem.

	public SomeProp SomeProp
			//DO NOT forget to remove the event previously added
			if (null != someProp)
				someProp.ResultsUpdated -=
                                       new EventHandler(SomePropEventHandler);
			someProp = value;
			someProp.ResultsUpdated += new EventHandler(SomePropEventHandler);

Is there any way to have Gendarme verify that the events get cleaned
up somewhere?  Good manners with regard to resources in my mind should
be something that could be analyzed to produce some kind of warning.
I still have some thread/resource issues and it is extremely difficult
to hunt down these bugs.  I am unable to close my application after I
start my workers even if they run their course and finish.  I probably
have more issues of the same type.


Vlad (a humble Gtk# noob)

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