[Mono-dev] Porting to linux - replacement for winmm.dll

Manuel de la Pena etil15 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 15:01:32 EDT 2007

Check this out:


I should help...  But if you want to play mp3 files you should  
consider using lame. Lame should work on Linux and Windows, check this:


This examples at codeproject should help you to get around your problem.

I hope it helps


On 10 Jun 2007, at 20:09, Leszek Ciesielski wrote:

> Hi,
> I am hacking around, making EveMon (http://evemon.battleclinic.com/) a
> cross platform application. Mostly it involves watching Jonathan Pobst
> finish  MWF (great work!) ;-) There are, however, some windowisms in
> EveMon code that need fixing.
> One of the non-trival issues is playing a short jingle after a task
> completes. Currently this involves P/Invoking into winmm.dll
> (http://evemon.battleclinic.com/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/browser/EVEMon/ 
> trunk/MP3Player.cs).
> I'd like to play the sound in a way that would work across platforms.
> I found the System.Media.SoundPlayer class, which can play .wav files
> and works on mono. However, EveMon currently ships with .mp3 files, so
> replacing them with .wav is not an option. An .ogg player, on the
> other hand, would be a nice alternative. There is a csvorbis project
> in the mono repository - I managed to use it to get tag information
> out of a music file, but I do not know how to play anything with it.
> The code itself is a bit cryptic.
> Does anyone know a portable (pure C#) way to play Ogg Vorbis files?
> Regards,
> skolima
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