[Mono-dev] Patch for SqlCommand

Neil Cawse neilcawse at geotab.com
Wed Jun 6 13:51:17 EDT 2007

At the moment SqlCommand is broken in our application from a recent commit.

SqlDataReader is internally constructed with the SqlCommand that created it.
The close method of SqlDataReader relies on the fact that the connection for a command still exists:
command.Connection.DataReader = null
A previous commit sets this to null in the SqlCommand.Dispose

There may be better fixed with some re-architecture - not sure..

Index: /home/neilcawse/mymono/mcs/class/System.Data/System.Data.SqlClient/SqlCommand.cs
--- /home/neilcawse/mymono/mcs/class/System.Data/System.Data.SqlClient/SqlCommand.cs    (revision 78769)
+++ /home/neilcawse/mymono/mcs/class/System.Data/System.Data.SqlClient/SqlCommand.cs    (working copy)
@@ -582,7 +582,6 @@
                      if (disposing) {
                             transaction = null;
-                            connection = null;
                      disposed = true;
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