[Mono-dev] PATCH: Make Process.Start() use thesame'mono'runtime

Michael J. Ryan tracker1_lists at theroughnecks.com
Wed Jun 6 12:41:01 EDT 2007

Paolo Molaro wrote:
> It's not clear at all that is what they mean. On windows a managed
> binary is always run by the MS framework unless you explicitly execute
> mono prog.exe: I don't think this basic expectation should be subverted.
> If someone wants to run a program with mono he can simply execute mono
> directly.

And if the assembly (.exe) and the child process are written in windows, for 
MS.Net, but testing under mono?  I would expect that a managed exe, launching 
another managed exe would execute under the same framework...  Just my $.02

I'm just saying that I wouldn't expect to have to include mono... if that is 
the case I would have to do compiler directives to differentiate between mono, 
and ms.net.. on top of that, I would have to create separate executables for 
use with mono vs. ms.net .... I wouldn't want to, or expect to, have to do that.

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