[Mono-dev] unable to run VB.NET or C# applications on OS X

Andy Hume andyhume32 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jul 30 15:49:57 EDT 2007

Well as Rolf noted this was something he implemented post 1.2.4, on my
request http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=81434  As I note
there a VB WinForms app created by VisualStudio calls that method if any
exception occurs during form creation.  So are you using
GetResourceString yourself directly, or is some code automagically added
by VS calling it?

In the latter case then there is some other error occuring that is the
root cause, you need to find what that is.  You can either get a version
of mono with that Rolf's update, or you could enable -trace, to find the
root cause.  Add -trace to the command-line, wait for the app to exit,
and in the trace log find the first instance of Utils:GetResourceString,
then step back 61 lines (or so!) and you'll find the root cause.  In my
case it was ListView:set_UseCompatibleStateImageBehavior -- which is now
implemented, roll on 1.2.5!  If it is a missing WinForms method then
MoMa will be is noting it unimplemented/etc too -- something in a Forms
control that is likely to be that error...

Also C# apps don't use that mechanism so you will see the real errors in

It appears that 1.2.5 has implemented all the WinForms methods that were
problematic for me (the one above, plus UseWaitCursor -- thanks err
Jonathon?), so maybe you should download the preview, or wait the week
(or two?) for the 'gold' release.  You might find that your apps run
there without any work. :-)


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> Please, i'm running OS X 10.4
> with mono 1.2.4 but i'm unable to run any VB.NET or C# 
> application with GUI (even simple application)
> for VB.NET (the most urgent) i get
> Unhandled Exception : System.notimplementedException at 
> Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Utils.GetResourceString
> a small run of MoMa indicates me that it's unhandled ...
> will it be soon ?
> because it's needed for any winform application.
> Thanks
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