[Mono-dev] [PATCH] NRE in gmcs with -doc flag

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Mon Jul 23 00:32:45 EDT 2007

The patch itself looks good. Please commit. Thanks.

/doc stuff is not under (at least active) development in progress
because no one is interested in this feature. We will welcome someone
who is really interested in it. I used to write this part of code,
but I'm against this feature. (No thanks, I will never be persuated.)

Atsushi Eno

Bill Holmes wrote:
> Resent with the correct subject line (Mono-dev).  Sorry for the double post.
> I was wondering if someone close to generating XML documentation in
> gmcs (or some other expert) could review this patch and give me the ok
> to commit.  I thought I would try sending an e-mail to the list before
> filing a bug with the patch like I usually do.  To validate this patch
> I performed the usual complete rebuild of mono and make check and the
> results look good.
> I found a null reference exception with the latest version of gmcs.
> Compiling the attached test.cs with the -doc flag I see the following
> error.
> error CS1569: Error generating XML documentation file `MyTest.xml'
> (`Object reference not set to an instance of an object')
> I was able to track it down to
> Mono.CSharp.DocUtil.GetMethodDocCommentName.  Exception occurs on line
> 883 because mc.MemberName.TypeArguments is null for this case.
> I found a property in the Mono.CSharp.MemberName class
> CountTypeArguments does null checking and returns the count of
> TypeArguments or zero.  I changed this property to also check the Left
> member variable before returning 0.  Checking the Left variable is
> more consistent with the IsGeneric property in the same class.  I did
> a reference lookup and found no other code using this property.
> Then I changed GetMethodDocCommentName to use the CountTypeArguments
> property to avoid the NRE.
> It is my guess that this area of the code is still a work in progress
> since the output xml doc file does not match MS csc.  The difference I
> notice is as follows
> Mono output :
> <member name="M:Test.TestItf2.TestMethod``2">
> MS output :
> <member name="M:Test.TestItf2{System#Int32 at System#Double}#TestMethod">
> The attached proposed patch does not attempt to match the MS's output
> format; it avoids the NRE and follows the output format of current
> mono.  Or at least what the original code was attempting to construct.
> -bill
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