[Mono-dev] Compile problem on linux ARM/EABI

Wyborski Marek Marek.Wyborski at escad.de
Wed Jul 18 07:17:37 EDT 2007

I got Mono compiled with GC-Boehm. But when I run it now I always get an error like this:

root at ./mono mcs.exe

Unhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown
 by the type initializer for Mono.CSharp.Location ---> System.ExecutionEngineExc
eption: SIGILL
  at System.Collections.Hashtable..ctor (Int32 capacity, Single loadFactor, IHas
hCodeProvider hcp, IComparer comparer) [0x00000]
  at System.Collections.Hashtable..ctor (Int32 capacity, Single loadFactor) [0x0
  at System.Collections.Hashtable..ctor () [0x00000]
  at Mono.CSharp.Location..cctor () [0x00000] --- End of inner exception stack t
race ---

Because the address is always 0x00000 I think it may be a problem with the Boehm-GC. But when I run "make check" in the Boehm-GC-Folder everything seems to be fine:

make[2]: Entering directory `/opt/gc6.8'
Completed 3 tests
Allocated 5552517 collectable objects
Allocated 306 uncollectable objects
Allocated 3750000 atomic objects
Allocated 34440 stubborn objects
Finalized 6609/6609 objects - finalization is probably ok
Total number of bytes allocated is 188446180
Final heap size is 9179136 bytes
Collector appears to work
Completed 160 collections
PASS: gctest
All 1 tests passed
make[2]: Leaving directory `/opt/gc6.8'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/gc6.8'

Someone has got a hint for me? I don't know what could be the problem..

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Betreff: Re: [Mono-dev] Compile problem on linux ARM/EABI

Am 17.07.2007 um 22:06 schrieb Damien Tournoud:

> Wyborski Marek wrote:
>> Hi Damien!
>> Thanks for your answer. The problem was the Garbage Collector so  
>> if you run ./confiuge --with-gc=boehm the problem disapears. But  
>> my problem is now that the target arm machine doesn't have enough  
>> ram to compile. So I will have to cross-compile also.
>> Marek
> Why is this even needed ? Isn't "boehm" the default on all  
> architectures?

The default is "included", which uses the libgc/ subfolder. "boehm"  
uses an external Boehm GC, probably a newer version.


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