[Mono-dev] Mono memory problems!

David Wolinsky davidiw at ufl.edu
Wed Jul 18 08:08:51 EDT 2007

My lab works on a peer-to-peer network overlay and we've noticed 
recently significant memory issues.  Some background...

This application is constantly creating new objects and shortly 
thereafter deleting (removing reference to) them
Using a sample run with 150 threads running...
Mono on Linux has a growth rate of ~25 KB per second with a base of 50MB 
(y = 25K *x + 50M)
.NET on Windows stabilizes at 35 MB

We ran heap-shot with Linux and found that in a 12 hour period it 
reported this...
objects: 58,823
heap memory: 6,838,426 bytes

objects: 59,925
heap memory: 6,862,336

We have run mono with GC_MAXIMUM_HEAP_SIZE and the memory size (RES) got 
significantly bigger than it.

I have searched for the Compacting GC with no luck, we would really like 
to see if it would help our problem.

The only operating system resources we're using are Sockets, but we use 
them VERY heavily!

If anyone has any suggestions, we'd be open to test out anything at this 

We are leaning towards an issue in unmanaged memory and possibly a bug 
in mono.

Best regards,

ps, I fwded this to gc and devel list because gc list looks quite 
dead.... sorry for the duplication

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