[Mono-dev] Mono's impl of System.Net.NetworkInformation

Stutzman, JL Jason @ IS jae.stutzman at L-3com.com
Tue Jul 17 14:07:10 EDT 2007

> Nobody is currently working on this.
> The trick with dbus# is that the existing dbus-sharp is not yet API
> frozen (not at a stage that we can depend on), so the code would have
> dynamically load an external assembly to get the job done, and that we
> could probably put in another place, with different api compatibility
> guarantees.

Ok. I imagine that dbus would give everything we need here, right? In
the meantime I've written a little p/invoke on libc to acquire the
network interfaces available so that GetAllNetworkInterfaces() can
return something good. What is the normal way of handling these? I
realize that this won't work on Win32 (same issue with dbus?) as it
needs a different p/invoke. How does mono normally take care of these
types of issues? Is there examples to follow? Where in the code
hierarchy does one place the platform specific stuff? I did notice the
way System.Console was done.

Thanks for the help here.


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