[Mono-dev] ASP.NET are being served really slow

Dumitru Ban dban at dako.ro
Wed Jul 11 07:02:04 EDT 2007


I have a machine (Lenovo T60, T2400 @ 1.83GHz, 1.5GB RAM) running Ubuntu Feisty (, Apache 2.2.3 and the latest mono, xsp, mod_mono etc. (taken from svn). And I have a web application that gets its pages served really, really slow. A lot of times I even get the "System.Web.HttpException: The request timed out." (see attached). The application worked well until I've checked out the last updates from svn (July 11th, 2007).

To be sure that there are no problems with my application I've configured Apache to be able to browse the XSP samples (/usr/lib/xsp/test). And the problem is still there. For example, the /demo/index.aspx page sometimes takes more than 1 minute to be served. The same is happening for browsercaps.aspx, includetest.aspx or htmltable.aspx. At the beggining I thought that it takes a long time only when the page is served for the first time, due to compiling process, but unfortunatelly this is not true. It happens like 3 out of 5 times.

Then I've checked out the sources from April 1st, 2007. I've compiled and installed everything and my application and the test one were working perfectly. Every page is served in less that 1-2 seconds.

Also, in both cases I've also tried to serve the pages using xsp2. And it worked well.

Does anyone have any idea about what the problem could be?

Thanks & best regards,
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