[Mono-dev] MCS and GMCS API Documentation

Marek Safar marek.safar at seznam.cz
Thu Jul 5 07:08:59 EDT 2007

Hello Sachith,

None of our C# compiler has and will have stable expression tree API 
soon. I know
some people speculate it can happen for C# 4.0 but that's too far anyway.
However, the tool which can help you is called Cecil, and it should be 
able to
assist you to build in-memory representation of any IL code produced by mcs,
gmcs, or any other .NET compiler.

> I am working on a project which required parsing C# source file and 
> consequently building the CodeDOM tree of the code and finding all the 
> redundant classes/methods in the code.
> I found the *Mono project (MONO IDE)* and thinking of using the MCS or 
> the GMCS
> Compilers to parse the source code and build CodeDOM tree.
> However, I could not found any documentation about the GMCS or MCS API’s.
> I am looking out for some documentation on the usage of API of MCS or 
> GMCS. Any help in this is appreciated. Please also share your 
> experience on usage of MCS and GMCS. Further, any inputs on my 
> challenge of building CodeDOM tree from C# code are welcome.
> Best Regards,
> Sachith MD
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