[Mono-dev] ppc64 port [was: Interpreter?]

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Tue Jul 3 19:19:22 EDT 2007


>> What are the results of running make rcheck in mini/? That is the
>> first
>> thing that needs checking. If it fails in the same way before  
>> starting
>> the tests it is likely related to something earlier on in the
>> initialization.
> I was not aware of a make rcheck, I only knew the standard make
> check, which fails with a similar error at the first compilation.

If I copy over the .dll and .exe files from my ppc directory like  
Zoltan suggested I get the following:

$ make rcheck
echo '// DO NOT EDIT: This file has been generated from  
iltests.il.in' > iltests.il
cpp -Darch=__ppc__ < ../../../../mono/mono/mini/iltests.il.in | sed  
's/^#.*//' >> iltests.il
MONO_PATH=../../../../mono/../mcs/class/lib/default ../../runtime/ 
mono-wrapper ../../../../mono/../mcs/class/lib/default/ilasm.exe - 
output=iltests.exe iltests.il

make: *** [iltests.exe] Abort trap

If I copy over iltests.exe again I get:

$ make rcheck
MONO_PATH=../../../../mono/../mcs/class/lib/default ../../runtime/ 
mono-wrapper --regression basic.exe arrays.exe basic-float.exe basic- 
math.exe basic-long.exe objects.exe basic-calls.exe iltests.exe  
exceptions.exe bench.exe devirtualization.exe

make: *** [rcheck] Abort trap

So nothing new...


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