[Mono-dev] Strange problems with mono on Arm

KIRC kirc at email.si
Thu Jan 25 13:42:10 EST 2007


Ten days or more I try to build Mono for ARM (SA-1110 board with 32Mb of Flash
and 64Mb of RAM). I use scratchbox 0.9.8 to build Mono with --disable-msc-build
option. With stable release of Mono (1.2.2) I didn't come to the end, with daily
release I did :) I use MonoCharge.tar.gz for assembly (gac directory).

I use glib 2.4.6 and pkg-config 0.21 to build mono (daily version from
23.1.2007). But the most problem of all is that mono have strange behavior. For
example if I try to connect to the other machine with using TCPClient, I doesn't
come to the end. If i run mono with --trace option the program work, else no.
There's only trap messages on serial port (debug port). Is this normal? Why
program which simple write to console sometime work, some time don't?

Is there some problem with old kernel (2.4.18) or maybe becouse of old libc
(2.3.2) ??? The same application on PC (.NET and Mono) work perfect.

Can someone help me?

Many thanks,


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