[Mono-dev] A significant number of Mono classes are not (binary) compatible with their .Net equivalents?

Lionel Cuir lionel_email at aulofee.com
Thu Jan 25 12:11:55 EST 2007

Thanks all for the constructive debate. I didn't remember having seen 
the point in the FAQ in the past, but it's clear anyway.

I would add two elements to go forward:

- regarding .NET, I may be wrong but the MSDN specifies that 2.0 is 
backward compatible with 1.x (ie objects binary serialized under 1.1 can 
be deserialized with 2.0 even if new fields have been added in 2.0). In 
the opposite direction, MS provides a patch for 1.x to let 1.x use types 
serialized by 2.0 (you've to ask it to MS support, it's not available on 
the web directly).

- regarding Mono, there are at least some +/- very usefull types 
concerned by the binary serialization compatibility. For these, may we 
propose our own versions (through the patch procedure)?
They are: DateTime, DataSet (but DataTable is fine), Decimal, 
DictionaryEntry, Dictionary<TK, TV> (that one for another reason), 
Queue<T>, Stack, Stack<T>, SortedList

Finally, even if I fully understand why Mono developpers do not access 
.Net sources (even through Reflector), the situation is quite 
regrettable for the difficulties it creates as soon as systems work in a 
heterogeneous environment (.Net+Windows and Mono+Linux). Does anyone 
know how Java is for this?


Lionel Cuir,
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