[Mono-dev] Intel arch changes/ Mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Jan 24 03:27:48 EST 2007


> Question: Does the current Mono framework/ API's take advantage of
> these changes under the hood?  I'm thinking specifically of the
> framework - not enduser applications.  i.e Do the Collections benefit
> from the 64bit change?  Do the threading libraries take advantage of
> the dual core/ multiple processors? 

Mono on 64 bit platforms will turn all pointers into 64 bit values, and
the types IntPtr and UIntPtr become 64 bit as well.   

64-bit operations that are typically emulated on 32 bit systems use the
64 bit operations as well.

The threading exposed by Mono is merely the operating system threading,
so if your operating system supports multiple cores, Mono will take
advantage of those as well (and some libraries and frameworks configure
themselves in terms of the number of CPUs available).

> Any references to further reading is appreciated. I'm interesting in
> understanding this, not just getting an answer to my question.
> -- Kiel
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