[Mono-dev] Memory leak in DeflateStream

David Brown mono at davidb.org
Wed Jan 24 03:00:24 EST 2007

I've filed bug #80594 demonstrating a severe memory leak in
DeflateStream.  Since these streams aren't reusable, I haven't been
able to figure out any kind of workaround for this problem.  Any

This program consumes unbounded memory very quickly (exhausting swap,
for example).

/* Demonstrate memory leak in DeflateStream. */

using System.IO;
using System.IO.Compression;

class MemoryLeak {
    static void Main () {
        while (true) {
            MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream (new byte[65536]);
            DeflateStream zms = new DeflateStream (ms,
            zms.Dispose ();

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