[Mono-dev] Some strange behavior of optimization options for JIT

Sergey Tikhonov tsv at solvo.ru
Tue Jan 16 04:32:28 EST 2007

Massimiliano Mantione wrote:

>Hey, you sent this on Christmas :-)
>On Mon, 2006-12-25 at 19:11 +0300, Sergey Tikhonov wrote:
>>>As we see two locals were introduced to hold "sum" results. In
>>>"mono_arch_allocate_vars" the "mono_allocate_stack_slots_full" is called
>>>to allocate locals and calculate offsets for them. Somehow it doesn't do
>I was just looking at this code for another issue:
>When I'll commit the fix for it, would you mind to check if it also
>solves yours?
>And if it does not (because yours is really a liveness problem), can
>you please file a bug?
I fixed it lcaly as suggested by Zoltan. It helped. The only problem I 
see that it always invalidates liveness info
(interesting that it happened on alpha and didn't happen on amd64).
Sure, I will test your fix.


Sergey Tikhonov

Head, R&D department
Solvo Ltd.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
tsv at solvo.ru

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