[Mono-dev] recharge.sh problems (monocharge-20070111.tar.gz)

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Sun Jan 14 10:59:51 EST 2007

Use the following command in windows cmd shell in .bat file

for %%i in (2.0\*.dll) do mono 1.0\gacutil.exe /i %%i /f /package 2.0

Some time ago I posted proposal to include native windows script in
monocharge but havent got any reply.


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Subject: [Mono-dev] recharge.sh problems (monocharge-20070111.tar.gz)

> Hi
> I tried to use the recharge.sh script from monolite-20070111.tar.gz to
> update my install and had some problems.  I'm doing this on Windows so
> some of the problems I had are cross-platform problems, but some seem
> general.
> Do we know if people use the recharge.sh script successfully on a unix
> platform?  I would expect that at least #3 occurs...
> 1. gacutil.exe uses native Windows path but is passed UNIX paths.
> I passed the correct (UNIX-style) path to the Mono installation that was
> to be updated to the script (env prefix=...), but had various problems
> with that, and eventually worked out that gacutil.exe needed a
> Windows-style path...
> My bash isn't too good but maybe something like the following is required
> in recharge.sh, along with changing the "... /root ${libdir}" path of the
> gacutil command line to "... /root ${libdirNative}".  (Maybe libdirNative
> should be called gacRootDir).
> if [ $OSTYPE = cygwin ]
> then
>  # err...?
>  libdirNative=`cygpath --windows $libdir`
> else
>  libdirNative=$libdir
> fi
> 2. If gacutil.exe is given the wrong path, it just creates a new GAC.
> This caused me much confusion, gacutil wasn't reporting any error, but no
> changes were apparent.  I discovered that actually a whole new GAC had
> been created in a whole new tree at
> "/cygdrive/e/temp/Mono-20070111_on_1.2.2.1/lib/mono/gac"!  I think that
> gacutil.exe should fail if told to install to a non-existent GAC; it
> should't just create a new one.
> 3. Script runs gacutil.exe from "./2.0/".
> That file doesn't exist.  That resultant path is
> ".../monocharge-20070111/2.0/gacutil.exe"  and gacutil only exists in the
> 1.0 subdirectory (as it does in the installed version).  Should there be
> gacutils.exe in both versions?
> BTW I tried changing the script's path, to ./1.0/gacutil.exe but that was
> NOT good... (e.g. (typed by hand): "** ERROR ** Cannot find custom attr
> constructor image: E:\temp\monocharge-20070111\2.0/System.Xml.dll intoken:
> 0x0a0002d7"
> and "** (./1.0/gacutil:4824: WARNING **: Missing method .ctor in assembly
> E:\temp\monocharge-20070111\2.0/System.Xml.dll, type
> System.Runtime.CompilerServoices.RuntimeCompatabilityAttribute")
> 2. Apparently leaves behind .mdb files
> It appears that the script runs correctly for the everything but the GAC
> 2.0 update but there are lots of .mdb files left behind from the previous
> version where the .exe itself _has_ been updated.  For instance
> "Mono\lib\mono\1.0\al.exe[.mdb]", and also caspol, cert2spc, certmgr etc
> there too; and "Mono\lib\mono\2.0\gmcs.exe[.mdb]", and also ilasem,
> mkbundle, etc etc.  The GAC apparently correctly deletes the old .mdb
> files when updating.
> Don't what the effect of this is?  Though after some manual hacking I did
> to get be able to test a fixed bug, I got an error about .mdb and .exe not
> matching...
> Andy
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