[Mono-dev] Patch to add the support of TDS 8 to SqlClient

Dmitry Key dmitryskey at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 12 01:15:46 EST 2007

Hi, Naggapan!

I attached my test program. It's very simple but cover all new features that 
I added. This sample uses 'pubs' database and 'employee' data table. Also 
you can change column collation in the 'employee' table.

Actually the most interestring stuff is Ssl/Tls settings for the SQL Server 
2000/2005. I used the info taken from 

The certificate was generated as

makecert -r -n "CN=yourcert" -p12 yourcert.p12 yourpasswd

This Certificate was imported as DER-encoded X.509 (.CER) file:

certmgr -add -c Trust yourcert.cer

Please take into account that in the string "CN=yourcert" the parameter 
"yourcert" has to coincide with the SQL Server host name. It corresponds to 
the behaviour of the SqlClient in the .Net Framework 1.1. The ADO.NET 2.0 
supports the additional parameter TrustServerCertificate that can be 
implemented easily in the Mono-2.0 (TdsComm.CertificateValidation should 
return true if TrustServerCertificate is true|yes).

With best wishes,
Dmitry S. Kataev

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