[Mono-dev] Patch to HttpApplicationFactory.cs, improves App_Code compilation

Marek Habersack grendello at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 14:09:53 EST 2007

On Thu, 11 Jan 2007 18:35:15 -0000, "Damien Churchill"
<damien.churchill at ukplc.net> scribbled:

> Yeah I did half have that at the back of my head when I was doing it,
> I'll give it a go and see what I come up with. Also I'm thinking of
You should probably provide an internal API in HttpApplicationFactory
to add folders/files to the restart-on-change watch list and then
access it from other places as necessary. You don't need to provide any
means of removing the entries from the list, since a watched
file/folder removal should and will trigger application restart.

> making it so it does the same when you edit a codebehind file for
> .net2 as well, unless there is some reason for why it doesn't happen
> now?
For this kind of change you must not restart the application, only
invalidate the cache entry of the type that "owns" the code behind.
Mono's ASP.NET uses a caching compiler which stores all the types
compiled from the parsed pages/controls in a cache. You would need to
modify the CachingCompiler class in order to add support for multiple
cache dependencies for each cached type (for 1.0 profile you need to
depend on the codebehind file named in the Src page attribute, for 2.0
profile the source named in the CodeFile attribute). I guess the reason
it isn't handled now is just that it wasn't seen as a very important


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