[Mono-dev] Cross compile mono to run on SA1110

KIRC kirc at email.si
Thu Jan 11 02:36:23 EST 2007


I have problem with compile Mono, to run on my Strong Arm board.
This board is made of Intel SA1110 cpu and have 64Mb of RAM and 32Mb of FLASH.
On it is already ported Linux kernel 2.4.18. I would like to build mono for this
platform, but I don't have enough knowleage to do this job.

I would like to build this package on host with Fedora Core3, and using GCC for
Arm version 2.95.3. Cross compiling tool is placed in /usr/local/arm/2.95.3/ and
source of mono is placed in /home/kleon/sources/mono-

What I must to do, to succesfully build mono for ARM? Do I have to set PATH,
TARGET, with export, or what? I use ./configure --disable-mcs-build but I think
that the enviroment is not properly set. I need just a basic mono, tu run
console app, not GUI app.

If on host try to build mono, but i got an error, with my old glib. Do I need
GLIB to be bild for Arm platform?

Can someone help me with this?

best regards,


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