[Mono-dev] Please approve commit change to System.Web.Hosting/ApplicationHost.cs

Adar Wesley adarw at mainsoft.com
Tue Jan 9 11:51:48 EST 2007

Hi All,


I would like to commit a change to ApplicationHost.  The suggested diff


svn diff System.Web.Hosting/ApplicationHost.cs

Index: System.Web.Hosting/ApplicationHost.cs


--- System.Web.Hosting/ApplicationHost.cs       (revision 70723)

+++ System.Web.Hosting/ApplicationHost.cs       (working copy)

@@ -81,12 +81,9 @@

                        if (physicalDir == null)

                                throw new NullReferenceException ();


-#if NET_2_0

+                       // Make sure physicalDir has file system

+                       // and not uri semantics ( '\' and not '/' ).

                        physicalDir = Path.GetFullPath (physicalDir);


-                       // This might throw

-                       Uri u = new Uri (physicalDir);

-                       physicalDir = HttpUtility.UrlDecode



The reasoning is that physicalDir should have file system semantics and

not URI semantics.  The Path.GetFullPath() API fixes all the slashes to

correct for the OS.


This is true both for version 1.1 and 2.0.




Adar Wesley


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