[Mono-dev] Exception catching in C...

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Jan 4 15:05:20 EST 2007

Thomas Wiest wrote:
> On a related note, in my example project if I throw an exception that 
> isn't handled (on purpose), the program prints the "Unhandled Exception" 
> information but doesn't exit as expected. It just sits there. I've 
> attached the example project. Sorry for the size, I tried to pare it 
> down as much as possible. I also tried rewriting it in a more basic 
> form, but then it didn't seem to have this problem. I've tried this on 
> (sled) and (vmware image).
> Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

The link in your previous mail was about p/invoke, where exceptions
can't be caught, but since you're embedding Mono, there is an easy and
documented way to handle exceptions:

mono_runtime_invoke's last argument is actually a MonoException**:

void call_person_ThrowException(person_class *person)
     MonoObject *exception;
person->object, NULL, &exception);

     if (exception) do_something ();

I didn't look why your sample hangs, though.


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