[Mono-dev] monodocs2html help with source

Pedro Sobota pedro at sobota.net
Wed Feb 28 09:38:55 EST 2007

Sorry, something bad happened to my previous reply.

Jonathan Pryor escreveu:
> There's just one problem with this: it violates the DTD. 
Ok. I didn't know this was part of an ECMA spec.

So what means is used to specify the link text on Monodoc, if the <see> element doesn't contain this information?

> Can you elaborate on this?  The monodoc tar.gz file should have a
> configure script and (after configure is run) Makefiles which should
> properly build everything.  Even better, the monodoc/tools directory has
> unit tests; run "make check" from the monodoc/tools directory.
Oh I hadn't seen that because I had got a tar for the tools dir only.


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