[Mono-dev] Mono 1.2.3 for PXA255 XScale

Antonio Pepiciello antonio.pepiciello at merlinotechnology.com
Wed Feb 28 03:08:12 EST 2007

I,ve problem using Mono 1.2.3 on PXA255.

First I try to compile Mono 1.2.3 for arm PXA255 Xscale using 
Scratchbox, but I,ve the follower error

make[6]: *** [build/deps/basic-profile-check.exe] Error 245.

And after that it reports an invalid mcs.exe, I tried the 
monolite-latest but no change.

I copied mscorlib.dll, System.dll, System.Xml.dll, mcs.exe on the target 
together with the generated ARM, but all the
tests failed when using the x86 System.Runtime, * Dlls and *.exe

fejit at tiscali.it ha scritto:
> Hi folk,
> I've problem compiling mono 1.2.3 for PXA255 Xscale.
> I compile mono without scratchbox with successful, but when run a
> helloworld.exe on target it returns this message:
> # ./mono helloworld.exe
> Stacktrace:
> Aborted
> # echo $?
> 134
After I try to compile Mono without Scratchbox, but, on the target, when 
I run an *.exe file I have exactly the same error:

#./mono hello.exe

Echo $?

Can onyone help me please?


> Can you help me?
> Hi
> FEj
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