[Mono-dev] [PATCH] mono-basic version additions and fixes

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Mon Feb 26 09:51:22 EST 2007

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>Subject: [Mono-dev] [PATCH] mono-basic version additions and fixes
>The attached patch add a Consts.vb file similar to Consts.cs in mcs tree. 
>Version numbers are moved to there.
>I think that using the package version in vbnc is better so this patch
modifies that as well.
>Note that I was unable to build vbnc using the Makefiles so I don't know if
this patch breaks building vbnc using Makefiles.
>Please review and approve the patch.

A couple of comments:

The way I see it with this patch you'll introduce a cygwin dependency on
windows (since in order to build you'll have to run configure first), which
is something I really would like to avoid (should be just checkout and load
the solution in order to build with VS). I'd be ok with any workaround that
fixes this problem (for instance: a default Consts.vb file might be there,
if the user runs configure, the version info is updated, otherwise the
default is used.)

You're defining both NET_1_1 and NET_2_0 for v2.0 compilation, this seems
somewhat backwards to me, since I think the constants are telling me which
version I want to compile, not which features should be enabled.

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