[Mono-dev] When does JIT reuse memory for new methods

Muath A. Khalaf moath2 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 18 18:42:39 EST 2007

I am trying to output some memory map files for mono JITed methods. 
I have managed to find the place where methods are JITed and output a file 
with the starting address of each method and the size (was easy).
Now I am trying to find the place where a memory chunk allocated for a method by 
the JIT is reused for another method when JIT runs out of memory. I have seen that
 all JITing is done in a memory pool temporarily and then a code manager (for each
 domain) is used to find a chunk with a space for the new code or allocate 
a new one. One thing I did not get is that code manager always allocates a new 
chunk and never delete previous filled chunks. Instead they are moved to the full
 list. So where exactly is the place where JIT starts to free some memory for new
 methods. Also what about the reJITed methods? what happen to the previous code
 memory place. This is important for me to decide when should I stop filling a memory 
map and start with a new one so that I do not mix different methods with the same 
memory addresses.


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