[Mono-dev] A bit of reflection?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri Feb 16 08:54:51 EST 2007


> I have noticed that the mono class status pages are generated with data acquired
> from MS.Net framework through reflection. I am wondering if exercising the same
> method to generate stubs for missing classes would be a violation of the
> committing rules?

I do not like any sort of auto-generated code.   It leads to people not
writing tests, committing dead code, committing half-working code and
sloppy code.

You must submit your code with a test suite these days, and in fact, we
encourage everyone to write the tests *first* and only then write the
code, to avoid the Lone Ranger syndrome where we get code that is
completely untested, easily regresses and is not well understood.

We had that experience with the old Windows.Forms for example, it was a
collection of hacks upon hacks, and am not really interested in
repeating the experience.


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