[Mono-dev] Standalone Mono

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 06:27:35 EST 2007

You can use RPM to install into another prefix (base directory).
It is some option to force the installation in another location, but
if you doesn't have the needed version of that system library
(libgthread), you'll not be able to run Mono again.

Sorry, it seems you have too old a version of a distro, and Mono needs
this library and it can't be packaged with Mono, as it is shared with
thousands of other applications.

It would be much easier to ask the server admin to upgrade the distro,
or at least install the needed library (as it is a server, some admins
doesn't install it as it is a library used mainly by Gtk/Gnome apps)
or version, but as dependencies cascade easily, it would end up being
nearly a full distro upgrade done by the hardest path.

Sorry, no easy fix,

On 2/13/07, Highlord Kruul <kruul at x7i.net> wrote:
> hey all, I previously posted a comment about libgthread difficulties I was
> having after installing Mono on my Red Hat box.  I have severely limited
> privileges  on this  Red Hat box,  in that commands like RPM and MAKE
> INSTALL will fail 100% of the time.  The generic x86 Mono installer runs
> fine, but (as I said previously), I get a libgthread error whenever I try
> even a simple ./mono command.
>  That being said, is it possible that there exists a way to use Mono and its
> utilities without installing it?  Like some type of standalone mono
> directory, where I could execute Mono simply by doing a
> /directory/that/mono/is/in/mono program.exe style command?
> thanks!
> Kruul
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