[Mono-dev] A bit of reflection?

Curious Committer curious at loskon.webd.pl
Wed Feb 14 12:54:32 EST 2007


I have noticed that the mono class status pages are generated with data acquired
from MS.Net framework through reflection. I am wondering if exercising the same
method to generate stubs for missing classes would be a violation of the
committing rules?

    *  If you have looked at Microsoft's implementation of .NET or their shared
source code, you will not be able to contribute to Mono. 

    * In general, be careful when you are implementing free software and you
have access to proprietary code. We need to make sure that we are not using
someone else's copyrighted code accidentally. 

    * Do not use the ildasm or equivalent tools program to disassemble
proprietary code when you are planning to reimplement a class for Mono. If
you have done this, we will not be able to use your code. 

    * Please stick to published documentation for implementing any classes;when
in doubt, post to the mailing list and discuss the possible approaches with

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