[Mono-dev] Getting gtksourceview/gnomevfs to recognize new types.

John Anderson sontek at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 21:21:57 EST 2007

Hey, I'm trying to get a new type recognized by my system. The mime type for
it is already in gnomevfs (.ashx) but there was no .lang file (or I couldn't
find one)  so since for me, .ashx is only going to be in C# I made a copy of
the C# .lang file and modified the mime type and file extensions in glob.
But the system still doesn't recognize it as an ashx file.  I suspect the
reason is because an ashx file has one difference between a C# file, it has
this line on top <%@ WebHandler Language="*" Class="*" %>   but I couldn't
any place to add the check for that (and if it was a regex I'd have no idea
where to start =))   anyone have any ideas?
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