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Eyal Alaluf eyala at mainsoft.com
Sun Feb 11 03:41:43 EST 2007

Hi, Kosta.

This is off-topic but can you send a patch that replaces the MonoTODO in "System.Web.Configuration_2.0/WebConfigurationManager.cs" with MonoLimitation (or MonoNotSupported)?


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Hi Christopher,

First I don't need an xsp for unit testing. For unit testing we use nunit with several helper classes enabling us to host Sys.Web to simulate its lifecylce. See NunitWeb category in the tests for  examples.          

But if for debugging the mono System.Web in windows environment, I have several changes both to sys.web and xsp to get it working (attached).
Currently they are in 'raw' form, good for my machine only. If there is a public interest, I can complete and commit them under some define.

Miguel, what do you think?

Konstantin Triger
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Konstantin Triger wrote: 
Hello Matthew,

As an alternative, you may consider using Windows box without sygwin to write 
both the tests and implementation for the System.Web.XXX assemblies. This 
greatly simplifies development since you don't need to copy your tests or even 
leave the VS environment (if you like it, of cause).

In case of System.Web.Extensions no setup is required since it sits on top of 
System.Web. For the System.Web development, we (Mainsoft) also use this 
technique, but it little bit trickier. We have several local changes for xsp and 
mono System.Web to 'detach' them from the rest mono runtime and run them as a 
console application, again using VS as a development environment. Contact me if 
you need some guide to have this working.

Regarding the tests, the biggest problem is that a huge piece of functionality 
requires context or even postback/callback request. Thus 'usual' nunit tests 
cannot test it. To deal with this problem we developed a nunit based framework 
which hosts the System.Web and provides the required functionality. Look for 
tests marked with "NunitWeb" category under System.Web/Test folder to see 
examples. Using it is not trivial, so post your questions :).

We also plan to contribute to the AJAX.NET development, but this effort is not 
scheduled yet. I believe it will start before the end of the Spring. So I will 
be happy if you will share your design or anything you like; we will assist you 
as much as we can.

I do quite do bit of local hackery to try to get such things to work and would greatly appreciate it if you have a guide on what you've done to XSP to ease unit testing.  Between distractions I've gotten cruise control running under Mono, but haven't had a chance to throughly test and finish my setup.

You wouldn't happen to work out of the Bucuresti Mainsoft office would you?


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