[Mono-dev] TypeLoadException when remoting from Windows

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Feb 8 14:17:20 EST 2007

Jacob Ilsø Christensen wrote:
> Hi.
> Ok, I finally managed to reproduce the issue. Attached are some test
> files. The file named compile shows how to compile the stuff.
> So, first launch TestImpl.exe and then Test.exe. What I experienced is
> the following:
> MS .NET -> MS.NET works
> MS .NET -> Mono does not work (throws the exception I wrote about earlier)
> Mono -> MS.NET works
> Mono -> Mono works
> If I comment out the event handler line in Test.cs all four cases
> work. Can someone confirm this issue?

Thanks for the test case.

The missing type is System.Reflection.MemberInfoSerializationHolder,
introduced in MS.NET 2.0 for a reason that must be investigated.

You may stick with 1.1 or wait until I looked at this, maybe this


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